Setting Fitness Goals

The New Year is almost upon us and it is that time of year to check what you have accomplished in 2011 but also see where you want to be in 2012 and set fitness goals.  For most of us, we have made significant improvement in our fitness levels during the year but for some of you the fitness gains were far and few between.

Lets get you started off on the right foot this year.  What is it that you want to achieve for 2012?  What is it going to take for you to get there?  Below are a few questions that when answered honestly, will help you get on your way and set a solid foundation for being more successful this year.

  • What is your fitness goal of fat loss, muscle gain, run a marathon, complete a triathlon?
  •  What if you want to lose 20 lbs? What foods would you have to eat on a daily basis?
  • What training would you have to do?
  • How much cardiovascular work?
  • How many sets, reps, and exercises in your weight training program? Should you even have a weight training program? 
  • What time commitment is realistic for you?
    Are you lacking the information? Are you lacking a plan? Are you just not taking action?
  • Do you know what to do and just aren’t doing it? Are you supposed to take a 6am spinning class or sleep in instead?
  • Do you need a Personal Trainer?  Who is the best in your area that can help you?

For those who have been unsuccessful in the past with reaching their fitness goals, was it a matter of not having a plan in place?  Did you begin the journey unprepared and just thought going to the gym a couple of times a week would be enough? Did you begin and realized it was too hard?  Exercise is not always easy, but I can tell you from experience that when you are done a really hard workout, you feel like a million bucks because of what you accomplished.

If you want to see success this year, answer the questions above honestly, get a plan set up of what kind of exercise you need to do, how often, for how long, how much rest you will need, what types of food to eat and when.  Do you need someone to hold you accountable?  Get yourself a Personal Trainer or a workout partner; you will be less likely to skip a training session if someone is depending on you.

Last but not least, if you meet speed bumps along the way, don’t stress about it.  Pick up where you left off and continue on your way.  To be truly successful, remember that fitness is a lifestyle not something you do once in a while.


About Lisa

Lisa is a Certified Personal Trainer who is passionate about fitness and living an active lifestyle. She has a strong background in nutrition, having been a Chef for almost 15 years and applies this knowledge to helping her clients achieve their goals.
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  1. This post is coming at just the right time. Thanks for posting.

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