Succesful Fitness Goals in 2012

After the holidays that were filled with over eating of all the foods that we know are bad for us, it is time to get back to business and focus once again on our New Years Resolutions.  For some that involves getting in shape, losing weight, building more muscle or just eating better.  Here are some strategies to help you on your way and ensure that you are successful this year.

Write your goal down!

Just telling people about what you plan to do is not enough.  It requires a bit more thought, and you need to write your plan down.  Be specific.

For example:                                                                                                                                                            

  • I want to lose 20 lbs by June 1st 2012.
  • I am going to exercise 6 days per week for 60 minutes.
  • 3 days of resistance training per week.
  • 3 days of cardio per week.
  • I am also going to get a trainer to work with once per week.
  • I am going to track my calories on  Here is the link to their site:

Increase your cardio benefits by wearing a heartrate monitor.

How hard to you work when you are doing your cardio?  A great way to maximize the results you are looking for is by tracking how hard you are working during each session.  Get yourself a heartrate monitor and start working in a zone that is going to produce results for you. 

Begin by calculating your Heart Rate Reserve with the following formula.  (220-age-resting heart rate)=HRR  Next check to see what heart rate range is right for you.  For example, I work between 60%-85% of my max heart rate during interval training.  I perform 20 seconds of work at 85% and then 40 seconds of active rest at 60% for 5-6 rounds at a time.  To calculate your range,  use the following formula (% x HRR +resting heart rate)  How that same formula looks for my % range is as follows (.60 x 119 + 60) and (.85 x 119 + 60)

Build Muscle

For most who are wanting to lose weight, building muscle is not high on their list.  But by performing resistance training hard enough to build muscle, you are raising your heart rate and you are burning calories which will only enhance your appearance.  So if you haven’t begun weight training yet, you should start today.

Hire a Trainer

The benefits of hiring a trainer out weigh any reason not to.  A Personal Trainer will provide a solid program for you to follow, instruction of how often to do the workout and the correct way to perform the exercises.  As well it is a known fact that people who work out with a Trainer, work harder during their sessions than on their own.  With that said, working with a Trainer = faster results.

Try these tips to help you with your succesful fitness goals in 2012.  Check your list randomly throughout the year to see if you are on track and check back here for more tips to keep you going.



About Lisa

Lisa is a Certified Personal Trainer who is passionate about fitness and living an active lifestyle. She has a strong background in nutrition, having been a Chef for almost 15 years and applies this knowledge to helping her clients achieve their goals.
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