Alessia Mazzon-2010

I have known Lisa for over two years and during this time I had the pleasure of working with her and having her as my Personal Trainer.

During this time Lisa has been sharing her passion for challenging training combined with a very healthy diet. Lisa would be the one educating our staff about eating properly and how to maximize your results by combining the intake of the much needed vitamins and lean proteins with continuously challenging physical training in order to maintain the desired weight and body tone. I have in fact successfully taken a full year of weekly training thanks to Lisa, which I was able to lose 30 lb. and keep the weight constant.

I have followed a weekly training program that I was able to keep for myself and refer to during my three times a week training till my weight loss target was reached. The training was also tailored to increase strength on my weak joints, my twice injured knee and my shoulder. This was also possible thanks to Lisa’s attentiveness to my posture and to protect my injured knee. Her encouragement and ability to listen to my needs and work with me to help me achieve my goal were vital for me to lead to a successful training.

Lisa is punctual, very organized, highly dedicated and willing to go the extra mile in order to get to the goal. She is great working with people and her good cheer was much appreciated. Lisa has always been very loyal and reliable, a person that everybody would enjoy working with.


Alessia Mazzon

Katie McIntosh- July 2011

Before I started training with Lisa, my workouts were completely unfulfilling. I realized later, they weren’t even doing me that much good: in fact, many of the exercises I did on my own actually created more problems!  From our first meeting, Lisa looked at me as an entire package: where I was coming from physically, mentally and emotionally. We talked about my occupation and lifestyle, and how everything affected my overall health & well-being. Since I’d been working out on my own, I thought I was in pretty good shape, until Lisa broke it all down for me. We realized right away there was a lot to rehabilitate before we could even focus on strengthening & weight loss, but instead of feeling discouraged, I was excited and hopeful. Lisa’s extensive knowledge of nutrition and the understanding of the body, combined with her positive attitude and personalized workout plans offer a full wellness package for body, mind and spirit.

When I started with Lisa, I was afraid to go on the treadmill, too timid to lift weights, and insecure about having a “gym presence”. When I “worked out” on my own, I had no real plan; I usually just did the elliptical and Stairmaster, because I was intimidated by the other equipment and the regulars who always seemed to take over the gym. Lisa taught me how to use all the equipment properly, and once I knew how the programs benefitted me specifically, I had the confidence to make full use of everything the space had to offer. Previously, I never liked to work out outside because I felt too self-conscious. But after a few personal training sessions, I was going on runs and hikes, and fully enjoying the time exercising and being outdoors! By keeping consistent with my personal training sessions, I noticed drastic improvements on my balance, stability, flexibility and strength, as well as my overall endurance. I can confidently say my one-hour sessions with Lisa twice a week greatly improved my quality of life.

Having the support of a personal trainer is something I wish I had done years ago. But it’s never too late, and I am so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to work under Lisa’s guidance every week. Her influence has changed my life, and I feel very fortunate that my first personal training experience was with someone as knowledgeable and passionate as Lisa. She pushed me harder and further than I thought I could go, and showed me I could expect more of myself that I had ever thought possible. 

With sincere gratitude,–Katie McIntosh”

Buddy Wolfe-July 2011

“I’ve known Lisa for seven years now. In another life, we were both chefs. I never thought that I would have, or ever need, a personal trainer. Like many other people I’ve bought the year long gym pass and gone for two months. Honestly, I was kind of tired of it. I knew that I wanted to be in better shape, but I lacked the personal drive to get to the gym. I didn’t want to lose a crazy amount of weight. I’ve done that before by running every day and starving myself of all of the good things in life but I wasn’t happy because I couldn’t find the balance. So I gained all the weight back, stopped eating well and pretty much stopped exercising. I ran into Lisa one day and heard that she was in personal training so I struck up the conversation.

From the very beginning she was all professional. At length we discussed my current eating, exercising, and working habits. Basically, everything about me. Then we worked on my goals. It wasn’t much. Gain back some of the “wind” that I’d lost since high school. Get back into shape. If I lost a little bit of weight along the way then that was good but it wasn’t my focus. We started with my diet. As a chef I knew what I should and shouldn’t be eating but sometimes it’s hard. I wanted to be realistic with myself. I wasn’t going to cut something out of my diet that I would start eating again in six months. We managed to find a happy medium through moderation that allowed me to eat and drink (yes drink) whatever I wanted. I just needed to cut back the excess that we all seem to develop sometime in our lives.

With diet relatively curbed we started working on exercise. I told Lisa I had a goal. I wanted to run the Sun Run. But run it. No walking, no breaks; I wanted to run 10k without stopping. I never even ran that far in high school. We worked forever on getting my strength, core, and balance up to speed. Twice a week we hit the gym and she introduced me to exercises, weights, and programs that I’d never heard of. I always wanted to go to the gym, but never really knew what to do when I got there. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Now after a year of working out, I’m in better shape than I was when I was in high school. I can run farther and faster, lift more and endure more all because of Lisa. She helped me do all this and lost 25 pounds while we were at it. She helped me find the balance in life that I needed and I’m happier with my overall health than I’ve ever been. Thank you Lisa!

LISA GERVAIS is the best trainer EVER!!!


34 years old

Jennifer Szoke – September 2011

I have struggled with my weight since childbirth 9 years ago, having gained 70 lbs during my pregnancy.  I tried several types of cleanses, fad diets, metabolic boosters, and appetite suppressants all with a low success rate. As my occupation requires hours of heavy physical labor on a daily basis, I found that after time the excess weight was affecting my productivity and often had to wear back supports to get through the day.  After many previously failed attempts to motivate myself to exercise, I finally dedicated myself to exercise three times a week if only to strengthen my core for work.  I found that even after 2 hours of exercise daily, I was still not achieving the weight, and physical strength goals I had set for myself.  I was frustrated, depressed and lacked the motivation to continue my journey. 

Upon working with Lisa at Prodige Personal Training, I started to feel the results immediately.  During my first session with Lisa, I was asked a series of questions regarding my dietary habits, pre-existing medical conditions, and physical activity I was involved in on a daily or weekly basis.  I was then given a fitness level testing to determine what level of physical activity I was capable of and asked to keep a food diary for 2 weeks for assessing what needed to be changed in my diet.  During our sessions, Lisa pushed me beyond what I thought I was physically capable of doing, and although I was exhausted, sweating and volatile during every session, the results were physically noticeable within the first 6 weeks.  I felt my energy levels increasing and although my lower back has still been an issue throughout training sessions, I did feel physically stronger both at work and in sports.  Lisa later introduced a workout specifically designed to help increase my strength and fitness levels in Softball, which improved my skills overall in a short period of time.

My testimonial is a little different from others because I was involved in a motor vehicle accident halfway through my journey, which rendered me incapable of strenuous exercise.  I have since been able to control the amount of weight gain I have experienced by adhering to a strict diet, which was given to me by Lisa at the beginning of my journey.  I also continue to do as much cardio as my body can handle, along with my approved rehabilitation sessions, until I am granted permission to return to my program.  I feel confident that Lisa will be able to get me to my ideal weight and fitness level once I am able to resume my program.

David Brockington-2011

Lisa is a great personal trainer. She’s very professional, well prepared and knowledgeable. And she walks the talk – she does her own workouts and is in great shape. I trained throughout 2011 with Lisa, and during that time she kept the workouts interesting and effective by switching up the routines and exercises and as a result introduced me to many new exercises I’d never done before. While training with her, I set personal bests for exercises like the squat and bench press, and as a direct result of her encouragement, I underwent some alternative therapies for some chronic sports injuries which proved to help quite a bit. My goal was to train for a season of competitive ultimate, and I was able to stay injury free and have one of my best seasons in several years, in no small part because of training with Lisa. I’m extremely happy to recommend Lisa as a trainer.

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity


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